Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dr. Wayne Dyer

On Tuesday, November 23rd I had the pleasure of attending a lecture given by Dr. Wayne Dyer.  Dr. Dyer, a student of Taoism, strolled around the stage telling bits of stories, sharing insights and repeating the phrase "after the break I'll tell you..." for a full 2hr 45min - until 9:45pm before reaching said break.  I figured this must be some ancient technique of weeding out those who couldn't wait...the non-patient ones.  I had every intention of hanging in there for all the good stuff.  And you know what?  It was worth it.  Dr. Dyer's new thoughts and future writings are centered on the idea that we are GodI am that I am.  He also shared  Maslow's self-actualization theories.  One idea that really struck me is that a self-actualized person doesn't just observe the differences between people and then choose not to judge.  They have reached a conscious level where they no longer notice material difference.  For more info on Dr. Dyer see his website

Sprituality was not the only topic of the evening.  Dr. Dyer has leukemia.  Two interesting, but different healing experiences were shared with us.  The first is of his meeting with a nurse practitioner, Pam McDonald, who discusses the importance of testing one's genes to determine how best to eat to prevent disease.  The book, entitled "The Perfect Gene Diet" is at the top of my Christmas reading list!  I'll provide more info once I've read it.  But if you're curious, check out  I have flipped to the back of the book to investigate testing the gene in question (the Apo E gene) and will be setting up an account with Genova Diagnostics in the new year to facilitate testing for patients.  Testing for most of their "Genovations" panels are with saliva.  To view sample lab reports go to search for CardioGenomic, CardioGenomic Plus and EstroGenomic and click on sample lab report on the right.  The other Genovations panels also allow the option of testing Apo E as an add-on.

The second healing experience he shared with us is that of meeting and experiencing a healing from Adam Dreamhealer.  Adam's parents had contacted Dr. Dyer and offered a healing when they heard he was in Vancouver.  Speaking to us, Dr. Dyer described having lights shining out of his fingertips as he went to sleep on the previous evening, the evening of the healing.  Then, part way through the lecture he realized that he no longer was using his reading glasses to read us quotes from the various books he had with him.  He surprise and gratitude were completely genuine and only fueled my excitement to attend Adam's upcoming group healing in December.  To read more about Adam see

Let the ideas inspire you!


Anonymous said...

This insight will lead me to read more of Dr. Dyer and meditate more. Thanks Nicole

truthseekerjohn said...

I would like to make a correction. Thanks for mentioning me in your blog. I am presently in medical school and I do not have time to contact anyone for an individual healing. It was Dr. Wayne Dyer who phoned me requesting a treatment. I was between exams and was aware that he would be able to attend my workshop unnoticed so I did a treatment on him. Thank you for making that correction in your blog. I have great respect for Dr. Dyer because he has helped many people in understanding their healing power.
Adam McLeod (DreamHealer)