Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pecha Kucha - November 25, 2010

Need inspiration?  2 words: pecha kucha.  The official Pecha Kucha website states that the name derives from a Japanese term for chit chat.  http://www.pecha-kucha.org/  This past November, I attended my first Pecha Kucha night (Vancouver #14) at the Vogue Theatre.  http://www.pecha-kucha.org/night/vancouver/ 

Pecha Kucha wowed me.  The speakers were entertaining, bright, and inspired.  I laughed and gasped - check out the speaker list!  But, the most beautiful and inspirational idea for me was the idea of living walls.  Mike Weinmaster from Green Over Grey allowed his creativity with plants to flourish into a company that turns your lackluster cement building into a lush vertical oasis.  It totally amazed me and yet was completely simple.  My favorite idea of the night :)  To check out some living walls, link to the Green Over Grey website!  http://www.greenovergrey.com/

Lucky for you, Pecha Kucha is held repeatedly and in many cities.  Get yourself thinking.  Get creative. 
Vancouver - February 24, 2011
Edmonton - March 4, 2011
Find your own city:  http://www.pecha-kucha.org/night/